We are what persists…

We’re all familiar with the struggle to understand and activate our best selves…our highest natures. No matter what our faith or philosophy, we seek to deepen our connection to that which is most true: the source of our inner wholeness, the person we really are. In doing so, we are often given kernels of awareness that uplift and inspire us to change, to treat ourselves with kindness, and to live in radically different ways.

Yet too often, these revelations wing themselves away as quickly as they came. We unwittingly permit their departure by turning our attentions back to the mundane aspects of living and away from the powerful, the pregnant and the possible. Having caught a glimpse of the eternal person we can become, we reject her and settle for the time bound self of today. In that moment, that powerful, possible self fades to little more than an image. We take her promise and shelve it along with so many other stillborn ideas of which we have dreamed over the years. She becomes a character inhabiting our fantasy lives instead of the flesh and blood being whom we are here to realize.

We are what persists. This higher, better, wiser, more engaged and intuitive, more capable and successful, more loved and loving, more of what I am meant to be person may still exist in our hopes and dreams. But if all that persists of her is a dream, then at best, she’s a compelling image able to challenge us to grow. At worst, she’s a reminder of unrealized potential, undeveloped talents, untested purposes, untried plans and unanswered callings. She persists an unperson, a would-be being who reinforces our habit of remaining “less than we are meant to be” each time we fail to act on her compulsion.

We are what persists. We are what we allow to persist, what we encourage to persist. What shall we allow and encourage to persist in us today?

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