Listening to your Fear

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“Don’t live in fear. Banish fear from your life. Cast out the fear and let in the love”. We hear things like this said all the time. And given the choice between living in fear and living in love, who among us wouldn’t prefer love?

That said, let’s not be so quick to dismiss fear and its power. I don’t mean its power over us, but its power to guide us. Fear is a potent signal. It tells us that something inside us or around us is out of balance…exuding negative energy…drawing us down an unhealthy or dangerous path.

The depth and contours of our fears parallel the character of the obstacles that block our fluidity of choice. Fear may block us because of roots in habit, memory or past experience. But fear can also give us an intuitive glimpse into the consequences of our choices…a warning that certain life paths will be problematic for us and that we’d do well to explore fully before committing to them.

A great deal of damage can be done to our lives if we ignore this leading of fear. The next time you feel afraid…especially that unnamed fear that nags at you and keeps you from moving on with your life as planned/hoped…find out the fear’s reason for being. Use the following questions as a starting point.

Am I afraid of something that’s happening now, or recalling a fearful experience from my past?

Do I fear something external to me or am I the source of the fear?

Does the fear have certain triggers: actions, words, emotions, colors, sounds, scents, people?

Does the fear ever translate into words? Does it “speak” to me? If so, what does it say?

Do I feel/react to the fear in my body? If so, how? Where?

What ideas/thoughts come up with the fear? What other emotions?

Listening to our fears can be a powerful step in understanding and overcoming what’s holding us back and keeping us from the lives we want!


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