The Organization Detox: A new eBook by Dr. Janice Staab


The Organization Detox!

A new eBook by Dr. Janice Staab

Are you in a toxic relationship with your home? Is the clutter and chaos simply too much to bear? Tired of spending hours searching for things that should be easy to find? Do you feel like a slave to the constant struggle for an ordered home? Or perhaps you’ve just given up hope.

Well, there is hope! And it’s called The Organization Detox!

No matter how many times before you’ve tried to get organized, The Organization Detox has your answers!

That’s because The Organization Detox is more than an organization plan. It’s a comprehensive program for creating a home that serves your life purposes and needs.

In The Organization Detox you’ll learn:

1. The secret to why just trying to get organized actually makes you more disorganized.

2. The most common toxic habits that keep you from successfully organizing your home, and how to overcome them.

3. Simple strategies for clarifying and activating what you really need from your home.

4. A complete action plan for organizing your home around what really matters to you today.

Only $19.95 for the keys to an organized, inspiring home!

Get your copy today!

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